Learn Some Stuff Building and Climbing
Go to the Prom Went to two

Graduate High School Warwick Valley High School Class of 1993

Graduate College

University at Albany, SUNY Class of 1997

Graduate Basic Training

Fort Leonard-Wood, August 1993

Gain "Real" Employment

Albany Nanotech, Scientific Computing Admin



MVP, 2nd Shift Networking Consultant



GT Gith Communication Services, Networking Consultant




Start My Own Business

The short-lived TurboDates.com

Drive a Fire Truck

Doesn't EVERY boy want to drive a fire truck?

Learn to Sail

Thanks Kev!

Learn to Ski

Thanks Dave!

Learn to Sky Dive


Learn to Snorkel Too Easy...

Learn to SCUBA

Thanks Len! Advanced Open Water Rescue Diver in June.


Na Pali Coast Dive was GREAT!

St Martin

Had to Share Air with a Cool Venezuelan


The Mermaid Dive Shop took good care of us - Thanks Guys!

Lake George

Open Water Check-Outs and my first Treasure Hunt

Great Barrier Reef


Fly a Plane

Wow!  I got to taxi, take off, fly...  The only thing the instructor did was land!

Bungee Jump

Thanks Action Park - aka Fracture Park!

Cliff Dive

Mikey was ALWAYS crazier than me at Green Waters


Bikini Beach - French Side St Martin

Go Jet Skiing

I was good - Dad was better.

Helicopter Ride

Views of "Beautiful and Scenic" Fort McCoy - oh and Kauai too

Go Snowmobiling


Hang Glide


Rock Climb

Iona Island and the Appalachians

Visit Alaska


Visit Hawaii

Kauai was so great, I had to buy a time-share


Buy My First Car

1986 Subaru GL for $900 - My first beater - 1993

1996 Saturn SC2 for $12,000 - My first "real" car - 1999

Buy My First House

Closed January 21, 2000 - Schoolhouse Road


Buy My First Boat

1999 Sea Doo Sportster Twin Engine Jet Boat

Miami to Albany in 20 hours - Thanks John!

Visit Every State

I've knocked off about 1/2 of them - and driving through doesn't count!  ;o)

Take a Cruise


Fly off to an Island

Hawaii-July 2001, St Martin-May 2002, Aruba-July 2004, Hawaii-February 2005

Hike the Appalachians

Not Maine to Georgia - but enough of it

Niagra Falls Casino Niagra is ALWAYS a good choice
Chowder in Bahston Just a typical Tuesday Afternoon

Go to the Olympics

Atlanta, 1996 - Showed up the evening of the bombing :o(

Yankee Stadium

By now, it's old hat - but still a Cathedral!

Cooperstown Baseball HOF

Attend the best MNF

Jets-Dolphins - greatest MNF game ever - Thanks Mr. Weslowski!

Retire By 50


Make My 1st Million



Travel the World

Aruba, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, St Barts, and St Martin have been nailed

Spain, Italy, Egypt, Greece, and Australia are still at the top of the list

Drive on the Autobahn Hit a whopping 160km in my Diesel Opel Station Wagon
Off Roading in a Hummer Mojave Desert, June 2000
Play the Lead Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit - Beanie, Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine
Pitch No-Hit Relief Game 5 - MVP Softball League

Raise a Puppy

Or Two...

Find a Soul Mate

I love you Sweetest Peas!



Deliver a Baby June 4, 2003 - In the back of "Dad's" Ford Escape