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Aimee and I are so excited about our honeymoon. We have both been dying to visit a place where we can see pyramids and scuba dive on the same trip, so we've chosen to do an adventure honeymoon in Belize.

We will spend the first five days on the beach at Ambergris Caye. We'll spend a couple of days relaxing and snorkeling off the beach. According to every scuba magazine we have ever read, the Blue Hole is one of the best dive spots in the world. So, we'll be doing a three tank dive there on Friday. Then, we transfer back to Belize City and head in to the jungle for our last five days. The plan is to pick up a 4x4 and visit some Myan ruins. We are also planning on making a trip into Guatemalla if we have the time and energy. Cave tubing and spelunking are also on the menu, so we're pretty sure this will be an awesome trip!